When it comes to wallpaper designs, Instagram users prefer true to life 3D motifs. This has been shown in a study by experts from the British website Sellhousefast of the most popular wallpaper designs in the year 2020. They investigated the number of Instagram hashtags for various wallpaper trends and styles. The results showed that 3D images are at first place with 77 682 hashtags. Floral patterns take up second place with 38 519 hashtags.
They are followed by 9 242 hashtags generated by retro design wallpapers. Position four is taken up by designs in a geometric style with 8 543 hashtags. Given the fact that indoor plants have become one the most instagrammable décors of the year 2020, it’s no wonder that tropical wallpaper is also popular. They are at fifth place with 8 253 hashtags.
The last place with less than 600 hashtags is taken up by trellis wallpapers. This result is surprising as the design is a subcategory of the popular geometric wallpapers.
Most tagged brands
SellHouseFast also investigated the most popular wallpaper brands of the year 2020. In addition to Great Britain, these also originate from Sweden, Spain or the USA. Morris & Co. are at first place with 14 763 hashtags. They are followed by Rebel Wall with 12 203 hashtags who are famous for their geometric styles and have also ventured into 3D design wallpapers.
At third place with 12 165 hashtags are Cole & Son who offer vintage styles. The brand William Morris has specialised in a floral and tropical look. They hold fourth place (with 11 831 hashtags). Fifth place is held by Thibaut with 9 752 hashtags. This brand is well-known for the monochrome and retro look. The last place with only 799 hashtags is Romo.