Clas Ohlson has set itself an ambitious goal: the company wants to be climate-neutral and completely recyclable across the entire value chain by the year 2045 – from manufacturing and transport up to the entire product life cycle. The first milestones in this plan is the reduction of emissions in relation to overall sales by 50 per cent before the year 2030. In order to achieve this, a complete restructuring of the company is required.
"Our new goals are ambitious but also very realistic. In recent years we have taken many steps forward, but now we have changed gear in order to not only fulfil the Paris Agreement, but also to strengthen our position on the highly competitive retail and labour market," says Tina Englyst, head of the legal and sustainability division at Clas Ohlson.
Alongside this goal, which aims at consuming less resources, Clas Ohlson also wants to prove itself to be a sustainable and long-term employer with satisfied workers in the future. In addition, the company wishes to continue concentrating on the topic of children’s rights and becoming more visible as ambassador for children.